About Us

Safe Mode PC is located east of Des Moines just north of the small town of Runnells, Iowa. Operating out of a rural residence, Safe Mode PC can give you the small town friendliness and pride while still upholding the quality of service and dedication to your needs that you can’t find at the retail chains.

Re-formatting a hard drive and re-installing your Windows is not a real difficult tasks when you have the proper knowledge and tools, but it is time consuming. If you want someone who will dedicate the proper amount of time to your needs and verify what was needing to be done is in fact getting done, then Safe Mode PC is where you need to bring your home computer needs.

Protecting your privacy is number one priority here at Safe Mode PC. Our only concern is the task at hand, not invasion of your privacy. PC stands for Personal Computer. We believe that your right to privacy should be protected. The business you conduct on your personal computer in the privacy of your own home is your business. Keeping your computer running smooth for you to be able to conduct your private business? That is our business. Nothing more and absolutely nothing less. We’re not saying that other companies do in invade your privacy; we’re just saying that we don’t.

Our technician has been working with computers for over 11 years now. On M-F, from 6am-5pm, he is an automation control programmer for a well established Iowa based A/V company. On M-F, from 5pm-9pm and on various hours on Sat-Sun, he is a windows based home user computer repair technician. At Safe Mode PC, we treat your computer as if it was our own.

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