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** UPDATE **

We no longer offer all of our expanded services. As of the new year, we now only offer the restoration services. Due to the unexpected high demand, we just don't have the time to invest into the expanded services at this time.

Thank you to everyone who we have served. It has been our absolute pleasure!


Although restoring a computer will allow it to run faster and better it wll NOT fix hardware issues. It will fix any software/driver or error message issues you are having, but it will not fix any hardware issues.
Example: If your phone modem got struck by lightening, restoring your computer will not fix hardware damage. Due to our new service structure, we will not troubleshoot or fix any hardware issues. Nor will we be responsible for any damaged hardware before or after the restore service is complete..


Basic Restore:
$50 + tax

Safe Mode PC will format your computer to make sure EVERYTHING is erased clean and gone for good. There will be no traces of any left over virus patterns, malware, spyware, personal information, backdoor trojans, unused and damaged programs, corrupt registry errors, dead links, or anything else that would cause slow, unsafe, unsecured, or frustrating computing. Then we take that fresh hard drive and reload your supplied copy of Windows on it then run and apply any Microsoft updates needed. You will get your computer back with absolutely nothing on it, except for Windows. That is about as fresh as you can get. You now have a completely blank slate to work with.

If you have a factory restore disc that came with your computer, we will restore your computer back to how it came from the factory with all the pre-installed programs and applications, just as it was when it was shipped to you.

Please keep in mind, you must supply all copies and key codes for any software that is to be installed. We do not stock or sell copies of Windows and we will not load any pirate or illegal copies onto any computers.

IMPORTANT: this service does NOT include any backup options. We just wipe the drive and reload the OS on it. You will be responsible for backing up any documents, pictures, videos, music or what ever else you don't want lost forever.

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Advanced Restore:
$100 + tax

Same as above, except this service includes the option for us to transfer any specified files (ie photos, videos, music, documents, tax, etc..) from your existing hard drive before it is wiped clean and burned to DVD's for your back up. You must specify file types to be saved and the exact names of any specific files you wish to retain. This cost includes the back up of your files to the DVD's and the restore service.

If you use any iTunes or Windows DRM music or videos, YOU will be responsible of backing up your DRM license. We will back up your content, but will not back up any licensing.

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Hard Drive Image Option:
$60 + tax

With either of the above services, you can add the option for an Image Drive Backup. Once the restore is complete and your back to a fresh drive again, we will make an image file of your hard drive and use that to create self-running restore DVD. So, the next time you want to restore, you pop in this disc and turn on the computer and walk away. Once it is all done you will be back to the way it was when you picked it up from me. All software needed is included in this price.

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