Video to DVD

Convert your existing video tapes to DVD:
$15 for 15 minutes
$25 for 30 minutes
$35 for 1 hour
$45 for 2 hours
~all prices includes service plus 1 DVD~

Converting your home movies to DVD is a great way to preserve your memories. Video tapes can warp, stretch, deteriorate, or be eaten and damaged by the player itself. If you want to preserve that once in a lifetime event that was captured to tape like a Graduation, Wedding, Holiday Event, or Sporting Event and have it put to a digital DVD disc for many years of enjoyment, let Safe Mode PC handle that for you.

Video Editing:
$75 per hour flat rate

If you need any editing or changes made to your video, we can take your video and digitize it to a nonlinear edit system and make the changes/additions you need.

This services is taken on a case by case basis. Please contact us for a quote.

DVD Authoring:
Starting at: $499

If you have a video that you would like to to put to DVD and have custom animations, custom menus and chapter points? Do you want your DVD menu that looks like the ones from studios? Let us make a custom DVD menu for your next DVD project.


For video montage services, please contact Tentpoles Of Life.



This service is a case by case basis. Please contact us for a quote.


Sorry, we do not currently work with 8mm film, or Blue-Ray/HD-DVD.


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